Childrens Music Lessons

The school teaches a range of music subjects including guitar, keyboard, piano.

The childrens classes are 1 hour in duration. Each class has up to 5 children of similar age and ability. We are very careful at the school to make sure the learners work well together so sometimes we will suggest moving a child to a more suitable class.


The world leader in music exams. This exam is the most recognized of all the examination boards. If you are looking at highly competitive private and grammar schools you are advised to take these exams. Remember these qualifications are more formal and harder to obtain, learners may not pass these exams at every attempt and all children will be expected to read music. I would not recommend these for every learner but they are the most recognised by good schools.


The school has recently introduced Trinity exams for keyboard, plectrum guitar, rock and pop guitar and singing.

RGT London College of Music

We use the RGT exam books in the the class room for teaching

Music Exams

All children at the school will be required to participate in a music examination syllabus, taking regular music exams. We offer several choices to meet the needs of all learners.

Below is a typical music assessment. All children will be prepared for this

Aural tests for Coopers' Company & Coborn School

1. Clapping in time to the rhythm

You will be asked if the rhythm has 2 or 3 beats in the bar

2. Singing a melody after hearing it on a CD or piano

The melody will be played and then you have to sing it (la, la). This is easy as long as you listen carefully

3. Differences in a melody

You will listen to a melody twice. It will be slightly different either at the beginning or the end and you will have to say which

4. Recognising loud & quiet, detached & smooth

Music will be played for you to listen to. You must really concentrate and remember the places where the music is loud or quiet. Also, remember where the notes are smooth or not smooth (detached)

5. Intervals

This is the distance between 2 notes ie C - E = 3 notes so it's a 3rd, C - G = 5 notes so it's a 5th

Adult's Music Lessons

The school offers affordable guitar classes for adults of all abilities

These classes are friendly and informal. You will learn a variety of styles including acoustic, blues, rock together with basic skills.

Meet the Team

Terry - proprietor & guitar teacher. Has been teaching for over 12 years, covering a range of guitar styles and music examinations. I mainly concentrate on ABRSM for children up to grade 8 including music reading, and a variety of adult classes.

Teresa - keyboard & piano teacher. Teresa has been teaching for over 21 years, covering ABRSM and Trinity to grade 8.

Julia - admin assistant. Can be contacted in office Monday & Wednesday mornings

ABRSM Classical guitar exams