Surbahar or Bass Sitar

I have always liked the sound of Indian classical music, so about 4 years ago I started having Sitar lessons. I started with the sitar but on a visit to Hobgoblin Music in London they had a very impressive looking bass sitar or Surbahar cost £400. The instrument seemed to be incomplete with no bone bridge or strings. I asked the shop if they would reduce the price and they said the cost included re stringing and that they had all the original parts. I asked for first refusal. When the instrument was ready John Mayer my sitar teacher had a look for and he said buy it.

Instrument Details

Surbahar Surbahar Surbahar Surbahar

Scale length bridge to bridge 103.1cm Total length of instrument 151.8cm. The neck appears to be made from teak. The second detachable gourd is made from wood. The fret ties are plastic. This surbahar is finished with more of a natural gloss not the cheap high gloss of some cheap instruments. There is no makers name so I have no idea who made it. I tune the surbahar to G sharp or A.

Kanailal Brothers

Here is my new surbahar marked Kanailal Bros, Upper Chitpur Road, Calcutta-7, India. I collected this instrument from near Preston in Lancashire. It came with a flight case on wheels "just as well as it is bigger than my wife". This surbahar is the more typical animal head type, with three birds at the top. The middle bird has been broken off and at first I did not think it matched the other two which are part of the main body, but I think it is meant to match the instrument's tuners.

This surbahar had not been tuned for a while, so I have set the pitch to SA as G sharp. My other instrument tunes to Sa A, I am just being careful!

Surbahar Surbahar Surbahar Surbahar Surbahar

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