Lessons - how you will achieve.

Children - Look at the schools our children go to such as Coopers', Chelmsford County High, City of London Boys! What we do prepares learners for private school entrance and achievement at GCSE, A level and Btec etc. We use ABRSM and Registry of Guitar Tutors exams, teaching your child to read music and the rudiments of theory as appropriate. This prepares them to enter for music scholarships and gains UCAS points.


Important - If you are considering private school entrance, these schools normally only count ABRSM grades 3 to 5 plus as valid, which are more demanding than other exams. Preparation for these exams will include the following:

  • Music reading (no TAB reading)
  • Perform 3 pieces of music from the music notation
  • Learn a minimum of 6 scales from memory starting from Grade 1
  • Sight reading music
  • Sight singing starting from Grade 4

RGT Exams

These exams are more suited to Rock & Popular Music performance. They do not involve any music reading. They do carry UCAS points from Grade 6

UCAS Points

Exam BoardTypeGradePassMeritDistinction

Our Classes

Children - These classes have 4 - 5 children of similar age. Young children of under 9 years apx. will all be encouraged to read music as well as learning popular music skills. Children will also be given access to electric guitar, ukelele and world music instruments. These lessons are taught in a fun and encouraging manner

Adults - These classes can be up to 7 learners. The classes cater for complete beginners as well as intermediate and advanced classes covering Blues acoustic & electric, Classic Rock from the 50's to the 80's, modern acoustic including current artists such as Ed Sheeran


From an adult learner "I feel like I have joined a community, not just a class!"

All teachers teach to grade 8 ABRSM.